Tom s midnight garden

It was therefore taken seriously. On the final night before Tom is due to go home, he goes downstairs to find the garden is not there.

Mrs Bartholomew, who did not like children, would love Tom as soon as she saw his face. So every night when the clock strikes thirteen, Tom runs downstairs and out into the gorgeous Victorian era garden. We can expect mysteries. Click to enlarge Ely Cathedral, circa However, it is an entirely different kind of fantasy to the Lord of the Rings books.

For plebs to continue to live in servitude, while the aristocratic class live like kings? The book has a profound, mysterious sense of time; it has the beauty of a theorem, but it is not abstract ; it is sensuously as well as intellectually satisfying.

Tom's Midnight Garden

The story has been criticised for romanticising aristocratic England. An only child she was, and an orphan. When her parents died her aunt took her into this house to live.


Yep, this isn't going to be pretty, "Garden" fans. But instead of getting a major telling-off, he is greeted warmly and is astonished to find out that the old woman is actually Hatty, who had heard him calling out to her the previous night.

Side shadowing lets the reader know how else the story might have panned out. We remain in doubt for a while as to who is the ghost, there are questions over the nature of time and reality and we end by believing that the midnight garden is a projection from the mind of an old lady.

Each subsequent night at the 13th hour, Tom has a brief period of time to explore the garden, where he meets a young girl called Hatty and strikes up a deep friendship with her.

Nervously at first, Tom explores. The thing about the Dead All Along trope, once you realise the character is dead all along, everything prior in the story makes more sense.

He plans to get around his measles quarantine in any way he can, even if it means never actually leaving the house. The garden is so real that you can have the scent of it in your nostrils… I have no reservations to make about it. There are scenes in this film where poor Anthony can barely get his words out in the right order, let alone with any semblance of believability.

Tom sees the family occasionally, but only Hatty and as is revealed later in the book, the gardener sees him and the others believe she plays alone. Witness the moment when young Tom comes in from the garden and, blank-faced as ever, drops out of view as the picture quickly fades to black.Ingeniously plotted as it is, and resting on solid memories for its physical setting, Tom’s Midnight Garden would still have been nothing without the skill that has gone into the deceptively simple writing.

The book is a series of short, lucid sentences and perfectly observed details. Renowned graphic novel artist, Edith, has created an enchanting version of the classic Tom's Midnight Garden. This is a new and special way to read and share one of the best-loved and most enduring children's stories of all time.

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Tom's Midnight Garden (1999)

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Tom's Midnight Garden is an appealing story on many levels. Tom, a young boy, is sent away to spend the summer at the rented flat, or apartment, of his aunt and uncle. He is lonely and homesick but late one night discovers a mysterious, enclosed garden that although invisible during the day, appears after midnight.

In The Secret Garden and Tom’s Midnight Garden the child protagonists enjoy running around in the garden as a liberating activity.

Storytelling Tips From Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce (1958)

The Poison Garden picks up the motif of running only to invert it again.

Tom s midnight garden
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