Role of spirituality in substance abuse and recovery

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A large body of research has investigated the role of religiousness and spirituality in dealing with stressful situations. Correlates of recovery from alcohol dependence: We hope that our findings, combined with those of future qualitative studies with more diverse samples, will build a foundation from which spiritually informed interventions in substance-abuse-treatment settings can be further developed and systematically evaluated.

Is There a Place for Spirituality in Addiction Recovery?

Close Addiction, Sobriety and Spirituality Sobriety and spirituality often go hand and hand. During active addiction, spirituality suffered in complex ways 3.

The role of spirituality in recovery is essential because it brings us back to who we are, to our center.

The Role of Spirituality in Recovery from Addiction

Only a few studies have examined the association between mindfulness practices and spiritual gains Amaro et al. However, we did not expect to find such effects associated with the compulsive use of heroin or cocaine, and no participants reported such effects. For instance, while some religious behaviors e.

This can mean that the person can create in ways they would never have previously imagined. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 65 4: Methadone Anonymous was founded to address this issue, but participants stated that they found Methadone Anonymous programs rare and difficult to locate.

Many former recovering persons report that being in the company of other recovering individuals is helpful e. Some people may find calmness by looking at the sky, or the ocean, or taking a walk in the woods. Specifically, we address two research questions: Foster discusses the connection between sobriety and spirituality in greater depth: The self-understanding that comes from spiritual practice makes it easier to start rebuilding positive relationships.

These participants summarized their experience of spirituality, while they were in active addiction, as having been largely a bankrupt attempt at manipulation. While Spirituality can vary in meaning and perspective, it is generally understood as a process of re-formation or transformation.

Mindfulness is a spiritual practice that involves purposely paying attention to the present moment.It has been shown that spirituality can increase social support, reduce stress, improve the quality of life, reduce the instance of substance abuse, increase the chances of sobriety, and aid in healing and recovery.

Few patients can so directly articulate the role they feel that spirituality plays in their substance use disorder. It is important for clinicians to be aware of the dynamics of spirituality and religion in the cause, maintenance, and treatment of substance misuse problems.

Addiction, Sobriety and Spirituality

As recently noted in the white paper So Help me God: Substance Abuse, Religion and Spirituality, by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, more research is needed to document pathways through which religion and spirituality work to prevent substance abuse and aid in recovery.

A focus-group study on spirituality and substance-abuse treatment. Adrienne J. Heinz, B.A., We conducted an exploratory study using both quantitative and qualitative tools to examine the role of spirituality in recovery and to determine the appropriateness of providing a spiritual program in an inner-city drug treatment program.

Spirituality and the Recovery Process

This paper reviews empirical studies conducted on the role of spirituality and religiosity (S/R) characteristics in step recovery among program members followed up after substance abuse treatment and those assessed independent of formal treatment.

Despite these shortcomings, this represents the largest self-report study to date examining the role of religious faith and spirituality in the lives of individuals recovering from substance abuse.

In conclusion, the role of religious faith and spirituality in the treatment of chemical dependency continues to .

Role of spirituality in substance abuse and recovery
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